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-10% Out Of Stock Gel polish 12 ml. GY 20

Gel polish 12 ml. GY 20 is an innovative product designed specifically for nail service professionals

Kodi professional varnish gel technology

Step 1 (Preparatory)

-Take the Kodi professional 180/220 baf and remove the glossy layer from the nail plate;

-Take a nail file 180/240 Kodi professional and shape the nail;

- Skim your toe with Nail fresher Kodi professional;

- Apply an non-acid-free Primer To Ultrabond Kodi professional.

Step 2 (basic):

- Apply the Rubber Base (or top/base 2in1) in a thin layer and dry in a lamp (2 minutes in UV 36W, in an LED lamp 8W-30 seconds);

- Cover the nail plate with a gel polish Gel polish 12 ml. GY 20 (first layer). Then dry in the lamp (2 minutes in The UV 36W, in Led 8 Watt-30 seconds) just as we cover the nail plate with the second layer of gel polish Kodi professional;

-Apply the top layer of Rubber top gel (or top/base 2in1) Kodi professional (4 min in UV lamp 36W, in LED lamp 8 watts-60 seconds);

Step 3 (Final)

-Remove the sticky layer with Cleanser Kodi professional

To remove the varnish gel please use Tips Off Kodi Professional.

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Gel polish 12 ml. GY 20

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