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-10% Out Of Stock Gel polish Cat Eye 7 ml no.724

Gel polish Cat Eye 7 ml no.724 is an innovative product designed specifically for nail service professionals


Kodi professional varnish gel technology

Step 1 (Preparatory)


-Take the Kodi professional 180/220 baf and remove the glossy layer from the nail plate;

-Take a nail file 180/240 Kodi professional and shape the nail;

- Skim your toe with Nail fresher Kodi professional;

- Apply an non-acid-free Primer To Ultrabond Kodi professional.


Step 2 (basic):

- Apply the Rubber Base (or top/base 2in1) in a thin layer and dry in a lamp (2 minutes in UV 36W, in an LED lamp 8W-30 seconds);

- Cover the nail plate with a gel polish Gel polish Cat Eye 7 ml no.724 (first layer). Then dry in the lamp (2 minutes in The UV 36W, in Led 8 Watt-30 seconds) just as we cover the nail plate with the second layer of gel polish Kodi professional;

-Apply the top layer of Rubber top gel (or top/base 2in1) Kodi professional (4 min in UV lamp 36W, in LED lamp 8 watts-60 seconds);


Step 3 (Final)

-Remove the sticky layer with Cleanser Kodi professional

To remove the varnish gel please use Tips Off Kodi Professional.

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Gel polish Cat Eye 7 ml no.724

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