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Gel Polish Kodi professional

Gel Polish Kodi professional

Gel polish Kodi Professional 8 ml- best choise for nail design with using Rubber base, rubber top, ultrabond.


The technology of applying the gel polish Kodi Professional



Step 1 (preparatory):


- Take Kodi professional baf 180/220 and remove the gloss from the nail plate;

- Take the file for nail natures 180/240 Kodi professional and to shape form;

-  Cover the nail plate by degreaser Nail Fresher Kodi professional

-  Cover the nail plate by No-Acid Primer Ultrabond Kodi professional

Step 2 (basic):

- To cover by the Rubber Base
 (or Base / Top) with a thin layer (2 minutes in the UV lamp 36W, in the LED lamp 8W -30 sec.);

- Cover the nail plate by gel polish Kodi professional (first layer). Then polymerize (2 minutes in the UV lamp 36W, in the LED lamp 8Watt - 30 seconds) Similarly, we covering nail plate by the  second layer of gel polish Kodi professional;

-Cover the nail plate by top coat Rubber Top
 (or Base / Top) Kodi professional (4 min in UV lamp 36W, in the LED lamp 8Watt - 60 sec.);

Step 3 (final)

- Remove the dispersion layer special liquid - 
Cleanser Kodi professional

For removing gel polish please use 
Tips Off Kodi professional

Three reasons to choose Kodi Gel polish over other brands

Nail polishes are a very important component of a women’s beauty routine.Your nail color plays an important role in determining your overall look and ensuring that you look chic from top to bottom. While most women enjoy getting their nails done twice a month, we all often exceed that limit. A regular nail paint lasts only so long and starts to show signs of wear and tear anywhere between two to five days. Gel nail polishes in comparison ensure that you don’t go through the much dreaded “chipping nail paint” phase and can easily last up to two weeks or more. It is no surprise that gel nail polishes are completely dominating the market with just about every cosmetic brand that is in the nail paint line coming up with their own take on gel nail polishes. With the ever so increasing option, when it comes to gel nail polishes the following questions come to mind - Which gel nail paint is the best? Which brand offers the best colors? Which brand could last me through my two-week vacation? Which brand is affordable, but good? While the answers to these questions may require tons of research, Kodi is a relatively new brand in the world of nail paints and promises to be the answers to all your questions and offers you quality gel nail polishes at affordable prices. Kodi is a Ukrainian brand and currently offers a three step gel nail polish system. The nail polishes came in just about every shade that you can think of and also comes in different textures from smooth to sparkly and glittery textures. Kodi professional aims to become your new favorite. The note on their website reads, “Every lady’s dream as she wakes up in the morning is to find her nails looking stunning and shiny. In Kodi professional stores, we have everything you need to make your nails appear shinier in the color you wish for.”


Revolutionary three-step system that promises quality


Unlike anything in the market, Kodi professional offers a three-step process to ensure that you get the perfect Hollywood red-carpet manicure effect. The first step in the three step process is the application of a rubber base coat. As stated on their website, “The first coat in the three step system is a rubber base coat. Simply apply a thin layer of this coating to each of your nails. The rubbery substance creates a sticky surface that gives the gel polish something to adhere to. This allows your nail polish to last much longer than a typical nail polish.” The second step is the application of the actual gel polish. While you can choose from dozens and dozens of different colors and textures. For best results, the website suggests applying the nail paint in the following manner - “For the best manicure, apply two layers of this gel polish to your nails. Dry each layer with a UV light before applying the next one. The most obvious benefit of this gel polish is the durability. With just two coats you will have an unbelievably polished look that will last for up to two weeks!” The third step is the application of their revolutionary rubber top coat. “Finish your look off with the Kodi Professional rubber top coat to create a smooth layer that will complete your manicure. After applying the top coat, cure it with a UV light for two minutes to make sure that there is no smudging or smearing, and that your manicure will last for as long as possible,” Kodi professional states on their website. In comparison to other brands, their gel nail polishes truly offer greater durability, high strength and ensure that there are no chips for up to two weeks. Furthermore, there three step system promotes a high-quality manicure while ensuring that your nails remain as healthy as ever.