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Gel for nail Kodi professional

Gel for nail Kodi professional



Technology of nail extensions in recent years undergone a dramatic transformation. They are characterized by a variety of techniques, high performance, maximum natural nail view. Leading position among of the materials used for nail is gel.Gel for nails Kodi Professional - modern high-quality materials, allowing to achieve the ideal result for nail design

The types of gels Kodi professional used for nail

  • The base (soil) or gel base Kodi professional. This type of gel provides reliable coupling of different layers of material to each other, as well as traction applied to the nail surface of the material. He is the first step in a three-phase system of gel nail extention.
  • Sculpture gel. It is used in single-phase and three-phase system extention. Sculptural gel for nail Kodi Professional are used to create the future shape of the nail, in accordance with the principles of nail building and aesthetics.
  • Protective gel (top coat). Application of the coating completes the build process, protecting the modeled nail from damage and destruction. Gloss coating provides a natural-looking nails.
  • Gel nail polish. They are used to create beautiful long lasting coating on the nails, make it possible to adjust the surface of the nail.
  • Colored gels or Gel paint Kodi professional. Using colored gel varnishes can create any original nail designs.

In addition to these types, are used 3D-gels, as well as to build and Bio Gel nail correction.