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Scissors for cuticle BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 1 20 mm STALEKS

Scissors for cuticle BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 1 20 mm STALEKS..


Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 11 TYPE 1 (20 mm) STALEKS

Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 11 TYPE 1 (20 mm) STALEKS..


Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 21 TYPE 1 (20 mm) STALEKS

Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 21 TYPE 1 (20 mm) STALEKS..


Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 62 TYPE 2 (24 mm) STALEKS

Scissors for cuticle CLASSIC 62 TYPE 2 (24 mm) STALEKS..


Scissors for nail BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 2 21 mm STALEKS

Scissors for nail BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 2 21 mm STALEKS..


Scissors for nail BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 3 21 mm STALEKS

Scissors for nail BEAUTY & CARE 10 TYPE 3 21 mm STALEKS..



Quality STALEKS tools for beauty industry experts and home use: Scissors, Nippers, Disks, Pushers, and many others from the world-famous manufacturer.

Nail-industry professionals, as defined, cannot work with poor-quality tools. It is not only about image and confidence in the result but also the client’s safety and speedy service. Not every offer in the Ukrainian market is noteworthy. There are a lot of manufactures producing equipment which breaks down right during its use. The tools become blunt and look bad. Fragile mounts may depress you.

  • STALEKS can address all these issues, as it is a well-known global brand producing the Manicure/Pedicure Tools, accessories, consumables for the professionals and those interested in trends in the manicure, pedicure, and cosmetology areas.


The Staleks Company has entered the beauty market. Initially, it was a small workroom in Kharkiv that offered professional sharpening, sanding, and polishing of manicure equipment.

  1. The founders of the workroom evidenced the lack of quality tools and put money on the development of an own production based on the leased working area in the state medical machine tool works.
  1. Representatives of the nail - industry from Ukraine and Europa immediately appreciated the first quality products. Fast-expanding market outlets, increased demand for these tools caused the brisk growth of the enterprise.

In 2006, a design office was established at the enterprise, where the specialists improved the existing models and developed the new ones.Nippers, nail scissors, clippers, spatulas, and other tools were added to the product line.

In 2012, after an extensive upgrading of production capacity and shift to the total cycle format, Staleks was awarded the quality management certificate DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008, IDT). A year later, near Kharkiv, a new plant was built with a sizable finished product warehouse. The equipment was widely exported to the European countries.

In 2017, the company made the next extensive rebranding. Since then, the products have been manufacturing under two brand names: STALEKS and STALEKS PRO. The product range is expanded with a new elite-quality line EXCLUSIVE STALEKS PRO. Today, the company is an enterprise with:

  • total cycle capacities – from a steel rod to the brand sharpening and packaging of final products (13 manufacturing departments);
  • high-tech equipment from major American, Italian, Japanese, German manufacturers and upgradeable equipment stock (a piece of equipment is manufactured according to the in-house projects in the tool workshop of the plant or ordered to the foreign partners);
  • a friendly team of professionals (over 1,100), fast and easily able to carry out the manufacture of new products, perform the most complex production operations (the plant has experts able to sharpen the manicure tools in a  specific manual manner); 


Features and Characteristics of the STALEKS Brand Products


The Company’s range of products includes over 40 nomenclature categories. The Staleks enterprise produces 6,000 product items daily (about 3 million per year), from professional manicure tools to leather accessories..

  • The best Spanish medical grade stainless steel, exact compliance to the technological process alongside with a strict computer-aided and manual control including both incoming (raw material   quality) and final (finished product) ones ensure resistance to damage, reliability, and durability of the equipment without loss in initial characteristics when heavily used.

Certified laboratories carry out the analysis of raw material, physical and chemical properties in order to test the physical and chemical characteristics of the steel. As a result of the tests, the corresponding papers are issued.

  1. The tests prove the steel high corrosion resistance and hardness, thus ensuring both durability of the equipment and a long lifetime of the cut edges.
  1. The manufacturer does not distinguish between professional equipment and tools for home use: all product lines and categories comply with high quality standards  

The official Kodi professional Shop offers a full range of STALEKS и STALEKS PRO products both for manicure/pedicure masters and those interested in the trends in these areas. Please choose in our catalog:

  • all types of manicure nippers and scissors
  • manicure and pedicure pushers
  • pedicure disks;
  • convex scissors;
  • spatulas of various categories.
  • accessories and many others.

All products are certified in CIS countries and Germany. Since the beginning of 2019, sales have increased threefold! The sold goods have a manufacturer's warranty, and the goods are delivered by carefully chosen courier services, TLCs, via the mail throughout the world.

Prices and Implementation Features of STALEKS и STALEKS PRO Tools and Accessories.

The Kodi professional Shop offers the STALEKS and STALEKS PRO product lines necessary for manicure/pedicure masters and those who do their nails at home.  You may order and buy online all items in the catalog through your personal account.

To choose the goods, study the photos and descriptions. Find it difficult? Our experienced staff is always available and ready to support you with advice about making the right purchase.

We interact with individuals and corporate bodies, private entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons. Our clients are those striving to raise the nail-service to a high level, provide complete safety with high-grade equipment of  STALEKS and STALEKS PRO collections.