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Rubber base GRATTOL

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IQ Rubber Base Gel Grattol 9 ml

IQ Rubber Base Gel Grattol 9 ml is developed for allergy sufferers and sensitive people to such prod..


Rubber base Grattol 20 ml Out Of Stock
Rubber Base Gel Extra Cremnium Grattol  9 ml Out Of Stock
Grattol Rubber Base Gel 50 ml Out Of Stock
Rubber Base Gel Grattol  9 ml Out Of Stock

Rubber Base Gel Grattol 9 ml

Rubber Base Gel Grattol 9 ml Rubber base The ideal base for creating a flat coating in o..


Rubber base GRATTOL

Grattol base – is a huge choice of products and German raw materials of high quality.

The Grattol brand has gained wide popularity in Europe and the world due to unique properties of products. Gel-varnishes and base, masters of the industry of nail service prefer to the lines of other manufacturers. The manufacturer Grattol is known in the beauty industry since 2016 - directly since the creation of the first line of gel-varnishes. This rapid growth of consumer demand in the first stages of production has not been in this segment of the market recently.And already wide assortment constantly increases, capturing attention and "love" of neil-specialists all over the world. In fact, the success of the popularity of the Grattol rubber base is simple, as everything brilliant in this world is a scrupulous, responsible approach of the manufacturer and the monitoring of the quality of the goods at every stage of the production cycle.

On the benefits and features base Grattol

The perfect combination of all components and qualities of this line takes its roots since the creation of the Grattol company. The manufacturer, actively using similar products of other brands, drew a parallel between the main problems of nails and ways of getting out of the situation. Headache of all who make manicure: The manifestation of allergic reactions to ingredients, the gradual thinning of the nail and the deterioration of its appearance. So there was an idea to create a fundamentally new, hypoallergenic and maximally harmless coating.

Advantages of Grattol rubber base – the best base for gel varnishes today:

• practically no odors;

• eliminate allergy-causing components (methacrylic, acrylic acids and other elements in the product);

• clear bright pigments;

• fast and trouble-free composition (masters prefer to use base Grattol because of its ideal copper substance and high concealment, density);

• excellent resistance to damage

• instantaneous leveling on the surface of the nail plate;

• flexibility of application;

• manufacture from first-class european raw materials;

• adequate cost in this market segment.

The choice of products of this brand is striking even the most demanding consumers, the manufacturer has produced several different types of bases: Hypoallergenic ( IQ rubber base ), Grattol rubber base, self-leveling (royal), extra thick (extra cremnium), other varieties based on biogel. The products received a 14-free security certificate, which proves that the main idea of the developer was successfully realized: The desire to create a safe and high-quality product!