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Komilfo ― is a solid assistant for professionals and beginners of the nail industry.

It is quite difficult to imagine totally completed and harmonious picture without well-groomed and beautiful nails. To create a unique style and care for the beauty of hands, Komilfo brand offers a wide assortment of unique products that have already been appreciated by professional masters of Ukraine and other countries of the world. 

Advantages of the products

Whatever you buy under the Komilfo brand — gel polish, professional tools, auxiliary fluids — you can be sure that quality will always remain at a consistently high level. Our specialists have worked for a long time to create the perfect product, which is suitable for use by both professionals and beginners of the nail service, and they succeeded.

The basis of each gel polish Komilfo, protective and base coatings includes only the best raw materials. Production control eliminates even the slightest possibility of defect at all stages. All products have been tested and have quality certificates. At the same time, we manage to keep the low price. Perhaps this is due to the use of modern technologies and continuous optimization of production processes.

Represented assortment

Komilfo offers its customers a wide variety of collections and palettes of gel polishes, pastes and paints, among which each master will find the necessary shades and textures. Here you can buy all the necessary products for professional nail design.

1. Gel polishes.

2. Base and top coatings.

3. Decorative elements.

4. Lotions and oils for cuticles, skin of hands.

5. Milling cutters.

6. Manicure tools.

7. Brushes and lamps.

We also supply ready-made kits containing gel Komilfo, auxiliary fluids and all the necessary equipment to create a manicure or pedicure beyond praise.


Deluxe Series Color Gel Polish

There are more than 200 variants of various shades of professional gel varnishes, presented to your attention in this collection. Here you can find everything to create a romantic and delicate image, bright and modern look, business and restrained design.

Not only shades of gel polishes are different, but also their texture:

• enamel;

• neon coating;

• shimmer tones;

• micro glitter.

Varnishes are supplied in volumes of 8 and 15 ml. For their better application and preservation of the durability of the coating, the rubber base Komilfo is proposed.

Deluxe Termo

Even a plain manicure can be surprised. Gel polishes Komilfo, which change color depending on the ambient temperature, are vivid proof of this. In the collection, you are waiting for more than 20 shades that will help to create a bright and unique nail design. In addition, so that the coating does not lose its gloss and remains durable to any manifestations of the external environment, use a top no wipe Komilfo.

Glam gel

Lovers of vivid impressions, enchanting emotions will appreciate a palette of placers of sparkling shades. Glam gels Komilfo include about 10 tones, which in their texture resemble precious spraying. Spangles of various sizes and shapes included in the composition will make the nails shine and sparkle under any type of lighting, giving a sense of celebration.