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Terms & Conditions


We can get payment by two ways:

 1. Visa/MasterCard procesing .

 2. PayPal money transfer.

We will make  payment request to your email after cheking all details of order

Prepayment you can do after confirm your order.


Standard warranty covers the parts and labor for 1 year from the date of purchase. Product must be used as per the directions provided in product instruction used as per the directions provided in product instruction sheet as found in original package.  The use of any Nail products will void manufacturer’s warranty. Any modification to the Nail products may result in the termination of manufacturer’s warranty. In the event product fails, refer to your users guide. If failure can not be rectified then contact our manager by e-mail sales@nailmastershop.co during our business hours and one of our representatives will gladly assist you in troubleshooting failure.  Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling cost (to and from) associated with warranty repair or replacement. Include a copy of original packing list and detailed letter explaining any trouble you may be experiencing when returning items to us for warranty issues.  Warranty covers correction replacement or refurbishing original product to a proper working condition and matching the level of aesthetic wear as product delivered to us for warranty repair. Damage caused by misuse or use of non our products may void warranty.

NAILMASTERSHOP has the right to modify and edit this terms and services agreement at any time the company wishes. If you do not agree to this terms and conditions, please kindly exit our website and do not buy.

NAILMASTERSHOP is not a certified reseller of any product or companies. NAILMASTERSHOP promises to do its best go shopping for our customers and bid, buy, and search to get the best possible pricing for its customer.

NAILMASTERSHOP will charge buyer’s credit card for all orders on the site immediately.

NAILMASTERSHOP will refund to any customers that does not want to wait to receive their order.

NAILMASTERSHOP reserves the right to refuse selling to anyone.

NAILMASTERSHOP reserves the right to refund in full to anyone.

NAILMASTERSHOP will not make the customer pay more for any item that the customer already chose and paid for.

NAILMASTERSHOP will ship out the product to the customer whenever NAILMASTERSHOP have the items in stocked in hand for the customer.

NAILMASTERSHOP will do it's best to order large amount of units then resell it to its buyer at the listed price on NAILMASTERSHOP.COM.

NAILMASTERSHOP reserves its right to fully acquire products in stock before shipping out to buyers.

NAILMASTERSHOP will sell ONLY genuine products, which means, no fake or copycats products.

BUYER understands and agrees that it may take longer than 60 days to receive the item purchased.

BUYER can request for a full refund at any time.

BUYER allow NAILMASTERSHOP to charge BUYER'S CREDIT CARD before the item is shipped. If BUYER DOES NOT AGREE TO THIS, please do not buy.

BUYER will be refunded in full after a proper request has been made and shipment has not been taken place.
BUYER understands that some orders and customers will receive their orders sooner than others regardless when the purchase date is.

BUYER can cancel and request for a refund AT ANY TIME if the item has not been shipped.

NAILMASTERSHOP may open the box of the order to take pictures and submit to credit card companies to prevent chargeback abuse. Item is still brand new, but NAILMASTERSHOP must take pictures of items purchased to prevent people replacing units with defective ones and asking for refunds.

BUYER fully understands that shipping and processing will take longer/within 10 days from the day the order is purchased.

BUYER understands that some customers may receive their orders sooner than others, there is no specific timeframe or order.

If you are confused and do not feel confident in shopping with us, please kindly visit us again at a later time.