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Gel polish KOMILFO

Gel polish KOMILFO

Komilfo Gel Polish Collection for professionals and home artists of the nail industry. The biggest collection yet! Over 400 colors to choose from! Rich, bright, and exclusive palette!

Excellent manicure isn't just a part of the image, a tribute to your style's aesthetics or element accentuating a pampered woman. For many gorgeous ladies, beautiful nails mean status, helping them achieve a decent job and success in different professions since their hands are always seen.

  • It doesn't matter if you are a professional in the nail industry or a salon client, whether you are doing your manicure at home or nail art is your hobby - you won't be able to miss this enormous palette of colors - !

This manufacturer’s products are top-rated due to a wide selection of colors. Check out the catalog on the Kodi store's official website to see that the color palette is truly diverse!

Komilfo Gel Collection and other products: Wide Selection and Features

There are over 270 colorful gel nail polishes developed by the manufacturer! There are the classic palette and exclusive options such as deep blue and azure. Other than color combinations, gel polishes are classified by seasons - winter, spring and summer, early and late fall. The Komilfo gel polish palette is divided into collections. They are all very popular:

  • Glow Attack
  • Inspired By Nature
  • Deluxe Series Color Gel Polish Glitter
  • Deluxe Series Color Gel Polish
  • Deluxe Dusk Collection - Fall 2018 Collection
  • Deluxe Series Color Gel Polish Neon
  • Deep Autumn
  • Deluxe Termo
  • SBL
  • Cat's eye and others



Komilfo gel polishes are manufactured in 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. They are easy to apply, but there are subtleties that professionals and home users must know before using them.

  • The Chrome line consists of 11 leading shades and some additional. It's recommended to wait 5 minutes before covering the dried layer with a top-coat.
  • The Neon line consists of 9 bright shades, which perfectly combine, allowing for imagination during combination selection.
  • The Chameleon line also has 9 shades, from very bold to modest, from even to shimmery.
  • Deluxe Series French Collection Palette has 9 options, but these shades of cream and pink are from very light to almost brown. This product is combined, including the rubber camouflage base. Unlike polishes, it comes in 8 ml bottles.
  • The Cat-Eye line has over 50 different colors and shades, including unique textures, such as chrome. No other manufacturer can offer such variety. These polishes are best when using them along with a magnet by Komilfo. It provides a sharp line. In this series, the manufacturer offers 4 unique options - clear gel polishes.
  • The Glitter line consists of 7 shades with various glitter sizes and concentrations. It’s suitable for any manicure.
  • The Thermo line has a wide range of colors with a surprising and unexpected feature of changing colors during a temperature change.


The manufacturer developed a whole gel system including Bottle Gel, Perfect Gel Nail System, Gel Jelly, Gel Premium, acrylic-gel, and nail extension materials. For decoration, nail artists use:

  • Metal textured rivets
  • Disco design, brooches, and micro-beads
  • Nail design stickers and Color Art stickers;
  • 3D Dragon scales
  • Foil Stripes, Mirror Powder
  • Glitter, rub
  • Confetti (kamifubuki)
  • Foil for casting and craquelure
  • Metallic stickers
  • Pigment effects
  • Different shapes of rhinestones and stones
  • Rhombuses, flakes, etc.


For nail design and art, choose the Aqua Drops, Spider Gel, art-gel, gel paint for monograms, soluble gel paint, and glam gel. Everything is presented for airbrushing.

Komilfo top-coats (with/without a sticky layer) and base-coats are developed in bottles with/without brushes, in different sizes - 5 ml, 8 ml, and 15 ml. There is a base-corrector to achieve a camouflage effect. It’s sold in a 30 ml bottle.

  • The Komilfo rubber base has a higher density and a thicker consistency. It’s very popular because it allows quick and simple alignment of the nail plate without leakage and spreading.
  • Among top-coats, there is a unique product for working with voluminous designs. It doesn’t have a sticky layer. It doesn’t have a visual effect since it’s made to fixate the materials and design.


Komilfo manufactures many auxiliary liquids, nail and hand care products, including Cuticle Oil, Organic SPA massage candles, Hand Lotion, and SPA-socks and gloves. Starter kits are great for beginner masters. They are diverse by Komilfo gel polishes, tools, consumables, and related products. The contents of kits are carefully chosen and designed for any preferences.

  • All gel nail polishes have dense consistency, but nail artists especially praise black and white Komilfo shades.
  • Compared to other products on the market, they are hassle-free and easy to work with.
  • Polishes are highly pigmented, spread easily on the nail plate's surface, and quickly level out.
  • French manicure masters choose this manufacturer’s black and white polishes.

The consumer also admires Komilfo bottle brushes. They properly apply polish, top, base, and other products without streaking. Brushes are reliable. They can be used for a long time, allowing you to save money and buy bottled products without brushes.

Prices and Order Processing of Komilfo Products

The official Kodi Professional Store sells Komilfo gel and other products online through a catalog and delivers to any country in the world. Professional photos and descriptions of products are available for viewing. Our knowledgeable consultants are online 24/7, so you can ask them any questions you may have. 

  • Kodi's website is available in 12 languages. We offer prompt shipment of small and large wholesale orders.
  • There is a 5% discount available for re-post on Facebook, 5% discount for $100 orders, and 10% discount for $400 orders and above.

One of Komilfo’s undoubted advantages is the most comprehensive palette of gel polishes. The price is also very appealing for the consumers. Compared to similar products of the world’s leading brands, our cost is relatively low. Yes, the quality of products doesn’t disappoint even the most sophisticated professionals of the nail service.

  • Do you want to know more about Komilfo gel polishes? Kodi Professional specialists can be reached by phone, social network, e-mail, or website.