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Mirror powder Kodi professional

Mirror powder Kodi professional

Mirror powder for nails - it's crumbly material for nail design from fine mirror particles. Applied to the gel polish after removal of the adhesive layer by rubbing powder foam or silicone brush to a mirror finish. 

Technology of coating mirror powder 

The Mirror powder can be applied in several ways. Depending on the option selected application, the result every time is new.

1. Standard Prepare the nail plate to the application of gel polish, apply Rubber Base Gel, dry 2 minutes under UV lamp or 30 seconds in the LEDs.

2. Apply gel nail number 76 in two thin layers, each layer prosushivaya 2 minutes in the UV lamp or 30 seconds to help LED. With help of special liquid Cleanser, remove the dispersion layer.

3. Applicators for shadows or fingers (ring) distribute mirror powder and rub in color to a mirror shine.

4. Fix the UV lamp for 1 minute or 15 seconds in the LED lamp.

5. Close the design by two thin layers of Rubber Top Gel, good sealing the ends of the free edge of each layer and drying 2 minutes in the UV lamp or 30 seconds in the LED lamp.

Note: for maximum wearability powder, it is necessary to remove the excess from the end of the free edge. To do this, carefully work through a soft buff (grit 180 * 220) nail end. After this seal.

6. With the help of special tools Cleanser remove dispersion layer. Design ready!