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Komilfo GEM Collection

Posted by Kodi professional 19/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

We present to your attention a new collection of gel polishes to create a unique and inimitable nail design. In it, we have collected the best trends of the modern nail industry, so that fashionable women will definitely have something to diversify their image.

Traditionally, gel polish Komilfo is a guarantee of a stable, even and beautiful coating. Products from the new collection were no exception. The production uses the best raw materials to ensure the beauty of nails without compromising their health.

Characters and advantages of gel polishes from The GEM Collection

During developing shades and textures, our experts were guided not only by the principles of quality, but also took into account all current trends, unusual trends in the nail industry. This allowed us to make the collection ultra-modern and original. In it you will find the following types of textures.

1. The cat's eye.

2. Microgloss.

3. Stained glass window.

4. Holographic effect.

There are more than 20 tones to choose from, among which you will definitely choose one that emphasizes your personality and will look harmoniously with the natural shade of your skin. So that the coating is perfectly even and maintains its durability, do not forget to purchase gel base Komilfo and top.

Sets of The GEM Collection

If you could not decide on the necessary options for shades, use ready-made palettes from our experts. We selected gel polishes that will look harmonious with each other in any combination and will allow you to make an original and stylish manicure. The collection contains 7 sets, among which you can easily pick up combinations for every taste.

Like all The GEM Collection varnishes, the gels from the palettes are dressed in stylish designer bottles of 8 ml. Sets are delivered in beautiful boxes, with the help of which the selected combination of colors is easily preserved in the original composition.

Please note that the palettes contain only colored gel polishes for manicure and pedicure. Base and wipe top Komilfo are not included in them. Therefore, to create a professional nail design, it is important to pay attention to buying all the necessary components.

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