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Hypoallergenic gel polishes Grattol at affordable prices from official representative, with delivery  to countries of the world: Opal and other unique collections from German brand

Grattol is a young but already famous German brand with its hypoallergenic products. The lineups are produced for nail extensions and gel polish coating.

  • The representatives of nail industry often face negative reactions of the cuticle and skin around the nail plate to products of other manufacturers containing acrylates (itching, redness, blisters). Professionals appreciated the collections from Grattol. Having them in the “arsenal” of tools is a choice of masters! 

The specialists of official store, which sells Grattol products, including the particularly popular Grattol Opal line, note the steady growth of demand for German brand products.

  • Since the beginning of 2019 sales have increased 3 times, and this clearly demonstrates the genuine interest of the representatives of the nail industry!


Grattol brand from Germany: how the problems of nail industry were solved


The Grattol company (“Grattol”) surely and brightly announced itself in 2016. Brought it to the German market, and then to the world markets. Anastasia Zabezhinskaya is a famous professional in the field of beauty projects. Before Anastasia made her choice in favor of hypoallergenic direction in the nail business, she studied the problems that masters and their clients constantly faced.

  • The leading issue was acute allergic reactions to certain components of the product contained even in compositions from market leaders in gel polishes for nail service.


  • Having a medical education and vast experience in self-care, creating her own image, Anastasia assessed the severity of the problem, comprehensively studied its causes.


Anyone who uses resistant nail coatings knows how the nail plate is thinning, what unpleasant reactions in the master and clients are caused by gel polishes containing in the formula acrylic or methacrylic acid, acrylamides.

  • Many professionals, understanding all this, were not able to purchase hypoallergenic compositions due to their rather high cost. The affordable gel polishes, bases and tops were depressing with their instability of the resulting coating.


  • Anastasia studied the market, but did not find the option with perfect combination of parameters. As a result, the desire to create a new product has arisen and strengthened, taking into account all the deficiencies of already existing analogues.


Grattol brand products were developed after many problems were identified during marketing research. The purpose of the work is to solve the overdue tasks in the nail industry. Among these, particular emphasis was placed on:

  • hypoallergenic component composition;
  • complete absence of odor;
  • increased resistance and density;
  • pure and spectacular pigment;
  • good covering power for saving the time of the procedure;
  • fast and uniform distribution throughout the nail plate;
  • universality of application;
  • affordable cost, etc.


To solve the problems a professional team was created, reliable European suppliers of raw materials were found which fully met strict requirements and standards. It was launched the production. In total, only a year has passed from the appearance of the idea to its implementation.

  • All wishes of representatives of the nail industry, including masters, technologists and dealers from Russia, were taken into account. They made an important contribution to the concept of the Grattol collections.

Grattol Opal and other gel polish series from Germany: characteristics and features of products


The first 70 gel polishes were launched on the market in 2016. The samples were independently tested by representatives of practical nail industry. Success was predictable because the products combined everything the masters expected, from hypoallergenicity, successful texture and ease of working with compositions to their affordable price. All major messages were heard!

All products are produced on the basis of own, patented formulas. It passed official checks, certified in Germany and CIS countries

  • Professionals appreciated hypoallergenic Grattol products, calling it a leading feature of the brand. With this product, it has become possible to solve really serious problems. However, this is not the only advantage of the collection series of the German manufacturer.

Professionals dubbed the texture of Grattol gel polish “honey”, and this was a clear reflection of the essence of the new product. It amazed by:

  • instant alignment and color purity;
  • almost complete absence of odor;
  • a color palette developed on the basis of an in-depth analysis of global trends;
  • many other unique features.

The representatives of the brand consider the development of a formula that allowed to eliminate completely acrylamides, acrylic and methacrylic acids as their huge achievement. Due to this the Grattol compositions do not cause discomfort and subsequent allergic reactions during application, polymerization and wearing.

Today, under the Grattol brand, a whole list of collections and individual products is released. Among them:

  • exclusive, author’s, “space” Galaxy series with a deep, voluminous “chameleon” effect and tints depending on view angle created by combining mica with holographic sparkles;
  • series of designer, transparent, glamorous gel polishes Glitter (universal, elegant and luxurious tones of Silver, Gold, Bright Gold) with a high concentration of mica for special effects;
  • The Mustery Cat and Magic series with a “cat eye” effect, complemented by a fine holographic shimmer assembled with a magnet to create highlights;
  • rubber base and top (glossy, matte options) for perfect cementing and fixing of the created design drawing;
  • IQ Base for allergy sufferers, odorless, without blood penetration risks;
  • Top+Base Gel 2in1 for convenience and speed and other products.


The basic Classic Collection, with which the brand began its work, is in constant demand, the “magnetic” series of translucent gel polishes Crystal, cream gel polishes Onyx with microglitters, coating Opal creating the texture of the gemstone, hit Vegas with tones of silver and gold, much more.

  •  The collection Grattol Opal attracted special attention of specialists and consumers. These are resistant, multicolored coatings on a translucent basis, with numerous sparkles. The color Grattol Opal 01 is in high demand among our customers.

Most gel polishes are sufficient to be applied to the nails in 1 or 2 layers. The consumption of the composition is minimal, which also cannot but please the professionals. The manufacturer understands how convenient and profitable it is for masters to buy everything necessary in one place, in a complex, so the production of oil for nails and cuticles, hand creams, designs for bright manicure and other goods was arranged.


Prices and special aspects of order fulfillment for Grattol products


The Kodi professional store website supports 12 languages. We sell products wholesale and retail with delivery to any region of Ukraine, CIS, countries of the world. The catalogue features a wide variety of products from Grattol.

As an official representative of the brand we adhere to the loyal price policy adopted by it: even in retail sales the prices are minimal. The quality goods should be affordable to everyone!

  • In cooperation on an ongoing basis we will discuss special contractual terms.
  • In case of one-time large-volume purchases we will consider special prices.
  • 5% discount applies for orders from $100, 10% for orders over $400.
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Our experienced and knowledgeable specialists work for you. Contact them for preliminary consultation, which is provided in full, for free. Call or write us to get answers to all your questions and order Grattol brand products.

  • Experience the pleasure of working with compositions of unique “honey” quality!
  • Improve your profession, increase the reputation with us and gel polishes of German manufacturer!