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6 kinds of mattifying rubber base Kodi professional

07/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

To stay beautiful is the best gift, you can offer to yourself.
To make your nail beauty more magnificent, Kodi Professional bring to you an
extra -ordinary Mattifying rubber base range that gives you the opportunity to
enhance your beauty. Here in this write- up, we will review about the six kinds
of Mattifying rubber base that are launched by Kodi Professional to groom your
In the new series of Rubber Base Kodi Professional, six shades
of natural rubber base are covered. It is an innovative launch that gives you a
nice base to magnify your nail beauty. It goes well with both, natural as well
as artificial nails.

Natural Rubber Base Dark Beige is one of the most popular launch of Kodi Professional.
It can do well as a basic modelling gel.
So,if you are looking to give a good base to your nails, opt for this colour. It
is most popularly used as a base to align and strengthen the natural nails. It
provides a great overall colour coverage to the nails. If we look in the detail
of the total polymerization time, it comes around 2 minutes to polymerize in UV
lamp 36 watts and 30 seconds in the LED lamp. If you have natural nails and
needs to strengthen them, it is an optimum choice to go for. It goes very good
as a base and you can experiment any sort of look with the collaboration of
other colours altogether.
Natural Rubber Base Ivory is another product from the range of Kodi Professional Mattifying
rubber base. It is assumed to be a symbol of next generation of nail base. As
compared to previous launches of Kodi Professionals, it is considered to be the
most unique and innovative launch of the company. It is a perfect option for
both natural as well as artificial nails. It has many inherent qualities such
as high level of adhesiveness, great camouflage properties and many more. It is
also considered to be an ideal choice, if you are looking for a product that
can help you to prevent from chips and cracks in the nails. The product is on a
high demand with reference to its ability to be a versatile product that gives
consistency of optimal viscous to the nails. It is ideally applied as a base
gel during the process of nails modelling. Again, it is considered to be a good
option to offer strengthening and alignment to the nails. It is a useful
product that can be used as a base for colour coating the natural as well as
artificial nails.

Natural Rubber Base Natural Beige represents the most demanding colour of the time. It is again an
outstanding achievement of the Kodi Professionals and is most widely sold
product. With natural beige in its base, this shade goes well in Mattifying
your dull nails. It is ideal for use for both natural as well as artificial
nail. The unique feature of this colour is that it goes well as a natural base
and it has a brilliant camouflaging effect, once applied on dull nails. It also
serves as a barrier to prevent the cracks and chips on the nail and it offers a
smooth look to the outlook of the nail. With a good dispersion layer in it, it
is known for its great consistency all over the coverage.
Natural Rubber base is one more shade in the six shades offered by
Kodi Professionals in the range of Mattifying rubber bases. It is a common
shade that is opt for artificial as well as natural nail. It acts a modelling
agent and gives the flexibility to be used as a base for nail art. Any colour
or design can look more brilliant with the presence of Tural Rubber Base as its
base on your nail.
Natural Rubber Base Pink Ice is a creative shade that gives tint
of light pink colour to the base. Just like other Mattifying rubber base
shades, this shade could be used for giving a light pink base to the nail. It
add lustrous pink base on the nail and is more preferably used by young girls.
Natural Rubber Base Tea Rose has unique properties to give a base of gel lacquer.
Due to its unique property it can be used for dual purpose
of base coat for gel lacquer as well as base gel for modelling the nails. This
is a perfect buy as it serves the two purposes with one product.
All these reviews are based on the range of natural rubber base
Mattifying colours by Kodi Professional.

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