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Fiber glass F.O.X for nails -innovation in beauty industry

Posted by Kodi professional 06/04/2019 0 Comment(s)


F.O.X Nail Fiberglass- it is a latest innovation in the manicure service. It is produced by special innovative technology out of glass and сconcomitant chemical elements. It combines such features as plasticity, flexibility and high level of hardness.

It is assigned for:
Modeling nails without shape forms
Fast procedure of nail extension
It gives an opportunity to make a free edge longer, recover broken corners and conduct any reconstruction of a nail. It is also suitable to make natural nail plate stronger.
Nail polish made out of fiberglass is thin but at the same time quite solid. There is no need to have special skills to use this material. That is why not only professional nail artist but freshmen can also successfully work with it.
Applying: treat nails with acid primer. Cut the prepared bars out of fiberglass with the sharp tool and make them straight. Apply an extension gel at the half of nail plate, place carefully fiberglass bar and press it to the base with an improvised tool. Cover the upper part of fiber with gel and let it totally dry. After that, cover nail with thin and equal layers from top to the border of free edge and dry thoroughly. Using the base gel, make a smooth junction at the area of apex from fiberglass bar to the natural nail plate and start to dry it. Apply a gel at the backside of free edge and polymerize to seal the fiber from inside. Use a clamp to form a perfect arch. Saw a nail and after thickening, make it dry. Accomplish design pattern or colorful layer. Apply top cover and finish the process with polymerization. 
It can be removed with cutter, if there is extension gel.
When fiberglass covers gel polish or shellac, use remover to take away.

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