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New Kodi Professional fall gel polish collection

Posted by test1 09/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

New Kodi Professional fall gel polish collection

Gel-polish nail design has become one of the most popular manicure choices. Modern brands update their products range regularly, offering new palettes and shades for nail artists and their customers. Fall gel polish LIMITED COLLECTION "AUTUMN JAZZ" is especially popular and loved for its exquisite warm undertoned shades. Saturated limited collection’s shades (8 in total) have the enamel texture which creates a quite unusual and edgy effect.

Besides high pigmentation, UV gel polish is characterized by high strength and longwearing effect. It's easy to apply to the nail plate and it dries in a blink of an eye!  You need only a couple of coats to build up an intense saturated color. Nail artists point out convenient, easy and even application of the gel polish, as well as absolute absence of bleeding.

Any woman can find and choose a suitable gel polish for both everyday use or special occasions such as s date or a formal event. Kodi designers created perfect shades for this time of the year, complimenting the desires and moods of the majority of women. As a rule, too colorful and motley palettes are out of trend. They are replaced by saturated, deep warm tones.

Kodi Professional offered some original and most autumn-related colors:

  • dark jade;
  • pomegranate;
  • muted raspberry;
  • muted plum;
  • carmine-red;
  • eggplant;
  • lilac-blue;
  • smoky-steel;


All the colors above are perfect for the fall-winter season.  They look moderate and soft enough at the same time being eye-catching and gorgeous. Plus, they can be easily combined with clothes of various styles - from simple sweaters and jeans to evening dresses and formal suits. Gel polishes can be used as singles or in a composition of intricate patterns and artistic designs.

Every customer of Kodi Professional internet store can create a beautiful nail design using unique enamel gel polishes from the new fall limited collection. We are official representatives of the manufacturer, and therefore offer only original products, plus we are shipping worldwide. The cost of products does not exceed the permissible limits and is available for everyone. You can buy gel polish of high-quality even if you’re on budget.

In addition to the gel-polishes on our site you can purchase:

  • primer (provides better adhesion of the material with nails);
  • ultrabond (prevents gel detachment, acid-free primer);
  • nail files;
  • Rubber base Kodi professional (rubber base coat for gel polish)
  • STALEKS tools and much more.

All tools are professional, therefore they are ideal for beauty studios, nail services, and other artistic purposes.

The right choice of manicure will help you emphasize your mood, create interesting accents in your look and make it more complete. This season is about deep dark shades perfect for the fall season, so you better not purchase too colorful and motley palettes.

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