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NEW Komilfo Rior collection

Posted by Kodi professional 17/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

Komilfo Rior Collection is a new exclusive collection of gel polishes by Komilfo, created in collaboration with the famous master of the nail industry Zhanna Mitrokhina (Oleinik). The colors are very dense. Gel polishes have a pleasant fruity aroma.

The collection consists of 4 rich colors, from classic red to dark plum.

Gel Polish Komilfo Rior Collection №001 - classic red, enamel

Komilfo Rior gel polish 001

Gel Polish Komilfo Rior Collection №002 - dark red, enamel

Komilfo Rior gel polish 002

Gel Polish Komilfo Rior Collection №003 - cherry, enamel

Komilfo Rior gel polish 003

Gel Polish Komilfo Rior Collection №004 - dark plum, enamel

Komilfo Rior gel polish 004

Gel polish volume: 8 ml.

Komilfo Deluxe Series is a very pigmented gel polish, have a dense texture, very resistant colors, does not burning out or fade, it is convenient to apply on the nail plate, have good self-leveling properties, easily dissolve with special liquids, have a pleasant aroma and are perfectly combined with materials of different manufacturers!


  1. Prepare the nails: remove the old coating, remove the cuticle, round the surface with buffs and give the desired shape to the nails. Further, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreasing agent. Then you need to apply ultrabond - acid-free primer for better adhesion of subsequent coatings with natural nails.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Komilfo gel polish to the nail, then let it dry it in the UV lamp for 2 minutes, or in the LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply 2 layers of Komilfo Color Gel Polish. It is important to seal and dry each layer in the lamp (including the base and top). Polymerization time of color gel polish in a LED lamp is 30 seconds. For UV and lower lamps (with a small power - less than 36 W) it is necessary to apply colored gel polish with a thin layer, due to the high pigmentation of gel polish. Polymerization time in the UV lamp - 2 minutes.
  4. Warning: if you want to use very pigmented gel polishes, your UV lamp should be at least 36W and the LED lamp should be at least 9W.
  5. Apply Komilfo top coat gel polish with a thin layer, dry it in a LED-lamp for 90 seconds. In the UV lamp - the maximum amount of time indicated on the timer.
  6.  Apply cuticle oil to moisturize and restoring it to health.

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