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New Size Rubber Base 35 ml Kodi Professional

Posted by test 25/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

The New size rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml is the latest nail product fashioned by Kodi, the leading store in nail arts. This product is an unbelievably gel-based but brings about other natural items to give you the beautiful nails. The useful applications come about before use of any gel-varnish. Currently up to date and packed in a classy glass bottle. 

1. The QR Code; Protects from Fakes.

The rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml focuses on protecting you from fakes that exist everywhere. The introduced QR Code label at the back of the container can tell you the original product from the fraud. Every time you purchase you can know in a click. 
Feel good knowing the brand you use is the original item from your authentic supplier, Kodi.

2. The Glass Bottle and Package


The rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml comes packed in unique a Kodi Profesional branded pack! The classy glass bottle during delivery of a package Kodi's should not lack the company's adhesive tape. In case it is missing, this is fake and fraud

The glass bottle is non-toxic and beautiful, and the contained varnish does not contain harmful ingredients but are beneficial to the nails. The product has no alleged cases of allergic reactions. This attractiveness provides confidence that the product is user-friendly.

3. Long Lasting and Beautiful Nails

When rubber base Kodi Professional gets applied together with other similar products, a long-term plastic covering results. The unlimited viscous consistency makes the application uniform, and no amount goes to waste. This package has a thinning out layer. 

The rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml guarantees the best result used on thin and brittle nails which are not very uniform; only a thin even layer is enough. The polymerization time under UV lamp 36W is 2 minutes while 30 seconds for LED one. 

The gel also is an updated generation product with a unique composition. The feature enhances the toughness, wear resistance and elasticity of the coat. 

The rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml acts as a layer when applied to the coated gel-polish. The properties give an excellent gel polish grip to natural nails. It has a dispersion layer. 

4. Known and Great Brand in the Market.

The rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml fiber constitutes a unique, unsurpassed, and an extraordinary product. The look qualifies it for use as the last coating and also a dispersion layer. Once well spread and dried the nails shine for some long time. The optimal density and viscosity allow it flow evenly. The recommended curing time is two minutes under

This rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml gel is long lasting. The brand is well-known due to the length of time in the market. The customers have used and created trust. The excellent quality, lasting characteristic and the range of colors give users to select a color of preference.

The new rubber base Kodi professional 35 ml provides a flawless manicure and keeps your nails healthy. The remaining tackiness gets cleansed after dipping the gel into the UV systems.


5. Variety Colors and Uses

 The rubber base 35ml come in a range of color energies and several combinations. You have the many options to choose what fits you. 

The rubber base Kodi professional serves well as a primer since it has no methacrylic acid. For maintaining natural and healthier nails then the product above helps better than the other products having acid components. 

Also, the rubber base is nearly fragrance-free and nontoxic to your natural cuticles and nail plates. The product fits use as both the gel and other manicure functions. The gel is very economical and offers a convenient and straightforward nail modeling.

Other Details

• The product is 100% ORIGINAL 
• This product is user-friendly with a nail strengthening influence
• Instant drying; Resistance to mechanical controls Hypoallergenicity; superior quality


The new rubber base Kodi Professional 35ml is an ideal way for any nail makeover. The quality delivered confirms the money value that you invest here. It's improved new look, especially the protection code, puts everything in place for you.

This rubber base model is cost-friendly compared to other expensive gel polish. As well, the gel fundamentally contains all the necessary manicure complements like the primer, Top, Base, among others. Ask for this up to date nail nourisher, and beautifier.


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